Incoming wrist slap: Philly thugs who brutalized cat will be coddled as “juvenile” offenders

Philadelphia is deteriorating fast

Two thugs, who savagely brutalized a cat while gleefully cheering, have turned themselves in. A security camera captured the heinous crime.

The thugs have been charged with multiple “felonies,” including animal fighting, aggravated animal cruelty, and conspiracy. CBS Philadelphia previously claimed they “face seven years.” However, neither will face any severe consequences.

Both are being prosecuted as “juveniles,” and their identities will remain classified. The perps are aged 17 and 12. Authorities have already stated that even the 17-year-old will be pampered by the justice system as a “juvenile.”

This is a tremendous flaw in the US justice system that encourages thugs to commit as much crime as they can before turning 18. Then, when they do turn 18, they have “street cred” and recruit new minors to commit crimes for them.

Often, criminals under 18 will commit crimes in the same neighborhood repeatedly, but the residents are not allowed to know who they are. This puts everyone at greater risk of being victims, as the community is denied critical information.

The cat, named “Buddy,” has undergone multiple surgeries and is still in critical condition.

Philadelphia has an exploding homicide rate, and the level of public heroin/fentanyl use in Philadelphia generates worldwide shock on YouTube. Both the George Soros-funded District Attorney and a majority of the City Council have made it a top priority to reduce the number of Black criminals charged with crimes or held in custody. The result is that Philadelphia is getting more violent and savage by the day.

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