NYPD arrests serial hate crime attacker for the seventh time this year

Her twentieth arrest by the NYPD overall

Briana Randolph, 25, was arrested for allegedly trying to push a man off a train platform and onto the tracks. The attack was unprovoked and came without warning.

The assault was captured on surveillance video. She was arrested the same day and charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

She is now accused of seven assaults this year, as well as grand theft. This is her seventh arrest by the NYPD in 2021 and her twentieth since 2012.

Her 2021 charges include numerous assault charges, a grand larceny charge, and at least one hate crime charge.

Last January, NYC eliminated cash bail for most crimes. This was supposed to make the justice system more “fair.” It was a core demand of BLM rioters. Arresting Randolph and then immediately releasing her back onto the streets does not seem to be working out.

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