Hawaiian perps get prison time for racially motivated attack in 2014

It only took 8.5 years

For the first time in history, two ethnic Hawaiians have been convicted of a federal hate crime. It only took eight and a half years. Federal hate crimes charges ate highly politicized, and prosecutors often drag their feet when prosecuting non-Whites.

Today, a federal judge sentenced Kaulana Alo Kaonohi to six years in prison and Levi Aki Jr. to four years in prison.

Racially motivated harassment and violence against Whites by Hawaiian natives is well known. It is common enough to appear in movies and tv shows about Hawaii.

In 2014, Chris Kunzelman, a White male, was the victim of a racially motivated attack. His attackers were ethnic Hawaiians who did not want a White man living near them. During the attack, which was caught on multiple video cameras, two Hawaiian perps repeatedly called the victim “haole,” a racial slur. Kunzelman was hospitalized with broken ribs and a concussion. The perps also smashed a lot of his possessions.

A local court gave the perpetrators probation. Essentially a free pass. Shortly after, Kaulana Alo Kaonohi received one year of work-release after assaulting a different man at a bar.

Technically, state and federal hate crime laws are supposed to be used to intervene when a local jurisdiction refuses to prosecute a certain kind of crime adequately. The first-ever hate crime laws were passed under the pretense that some areas of the country refused to prosecute assaults against homosexual men.

The reality is that hate crime laws have an anterior motive. The goal of the far-left is for hate crimes to be disproportionately applied to Whites to artificially create a crime category where White people are disproportionately the perps. This is used to draw attention away from the fact that Whites are wildly underrepresented in many other major crime categories, such as murder.

It took the feds over eight years to finally prosecute these perps, even though the case represented an absolute textbook example of the alleged purpose of federal hate crimes laws. During the trial, the two perps claimed they were not motivated by race but because of the victim’s “disrespectful attitude.”

The two thugs will be sentenced later this month. Prosecutors are asking for 6-9 years.

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