Apparent far-left vandal, who targeted medical supply store, faces possible hate crime charges

Store had a Donald Trump cutout on the door

Rob Raymond is the owner of the Dr’s Toy Store Medical Equipment. He has a full size cutout of Donald Trump on the door of his store. Monday morning, before dawn, a man spray painted “Convict Trump” along with the word “Nazi” and an arrow next to two different doors. The vandal also spray painted three (badly attempted) swastikas.

The perp was captured on surveillance video, but it is extremely blurry.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office says the perp, if caught, could face hate crime charges that would enhance the penalty.

The store is inside a warehouse district. The medical supply store has been hit by gang graffiti in he past, but never a targeted attack like this.

On the WPLG Channel 10 website, several people posted nasty comments attacking the business owner and/or defending the vandalism.


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