Egyptian immigrant says he was beaten by Pride March mob for having a small American flag on hot dog cart

New York media ignores savage hate crime against 65 year old immigrant

There are finally more details in the hate crime mob beating of a 65-year-old Egyptian hot dog vendor. Nader Hassaneen was operating a hot dog stand near New York’s homosexual pride parade at Washington Square Park.

As the parade descended into rioting, Hassaneen was savagely beaten by a mob. The perpetrators appear to be primarily Black or racially mixed females. Hassaneen says that the mob demanded that he remove an American flag from his cart. Then they ripped the flag down, threw hot sauce in his eyes, and pummelled him.

The Pride March also left a colossal sea of trash all over Washington Square Park, and some people fought with police.

The local New York media, except for the Post, has completely ignored the story. The NYPD Hate Crimes division has not commented about the attack on social media.

Hassaneen says that Washington Square Park has become an epicenter of violence. He says that he has been attacked in the area before.

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