Apparent hate crime mob beating videotaped outside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

Is this a trend for Las Vegas?

Cellphone video appears to show a brutal mob attack on the Las Vegas strip outside of Planet Hollywood. The video was allegedly taken around June 20th. The victim is a White male, who is said to be from Arizona. The attackers are all Black males. Some messages on social media say the man had a laptop computer and backpack stolen.

There are messages on social media claiming this attack is part of a new trend in Las Vegas. Allegedly, the victim of this attack has posted about it on Facebook, but we were unable to find it. If you know more, please send us a message.

The website Networking Las Vegas claims that Black gang violence began surging in the city last year. The website also reported that mob violence plagued the June 24th grand opened of Resorts World Las Vegas. It posted a video of a large group of Black males engaged in battle.

Click here to see our list of recent mob attacks from around the nation.

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3 years ago

It is easy to hate the sub-human cohort infesting the USA.