Minneapolis BLM appear to hold trans city councilman hostage and extort handwritten contract to drop charges against rioters

BLM rioters believe they have total impunity

Cellphone video shows Minneapolis City Councilman Andrea Jenkins, a Black male transsexual who identifies as a woman, and a White female companion held hostage by a mob. The mob has surrounded their vehicle and refuses to allow them to drive away.

The mob screams profanity at the pair, and the White female is subjected to racial abuse. The thugs demand that Jenkins agree to sign a handwritten note demanding that charges against BLM rioters by dropped. The handwritten note also demands that the George Floyd Autonomous Zone be allowed to remain.

After signing the statement, the mob debates whether or not to allow Jenkins to leave. Then they demand that she also print her name and add a date to the paper. One of the thugs posted a video of their actions online.

The media is completely censoring the story. No mention whatsoever appears on a Google News Search.

Since the beginning of the George Floyd rioting in Minneapolis, rioters have caused the deaths of at least eight people. Six last year, and two more this year. Four of these people were murdered inside the so-called George Floyd Autonomous Zone, including a BLM leader who was supposed to be in charge of security at the zone.

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2 years ago

In the video, she at first blames “white supremacy” for blocking her car. I am not kidding.