VA Tech soccer player gets $100k settlement for anti-White discrimination

Kiersten Hening refused to ritualistically support BLM

Kiersten Hening played for the VA Tech women’s soccer team. She claims coach Charles “Chugger” Adair retaliated against her after she refused his demand to ritualistically kneel for the radical and violent Black Lives Matter movement [BLM].

During the 2018 and 2019 seasons, Hening played in every game and was on the starting lineup for most games. The 2020 season consisted of seventeen games. She was a starting player in the first game. Adair removed her from the starting lineup after she refused to prostrate for BLM. Then he slashed her playing time.

Hening left the team mid-season over what she says was “a campaign of abuse and retaliation” for refusing to participate in Adair’s BLM ritual during open ceremonies.

Hening filed a lawsuit against Adair in 2021. That lawsuit was scheduled to go to a jury trial this month. However, VA Tech agreed to pay a $100k settlement to avoid the trial.

Part of the settlement will pay Hening’s lawyers, and she will receive the rest. Adair and VA Tech continue to deny any wrongdoing.

Hening has since graduated from the school.


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