UVA admits they knew Jones committed gun violation and did nothing for two months

UVA may have prevented three deaths if they had bothered to take action

The University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, VA, admits receiving a tip that Christopher Darnell Jones had a firearm.

As the University looked into the matter, they discovered that Jones was convicted of misdemeanor firearms violation in 2021. University spokesman Brian Coy says that this took place in “mid-September.” Under campus rules, Jones was supposed to have disclosed the conviction to the school.

On October 27th, The Office of Student Affairs moved to launch disciplinary action against Jones. However, the case was never sent to the University Judiciary Committee, and nothing happened.

On November 14th, two months after the University discovered his firearms conviction, Jones allegedly shot five people in a campus parking garage. Three members of the UVA football team were killed.

Many are wondering the obvious. Was Jones treated with kid gloves because he is Black? Were UVA officials afraid to discipline a Black male, knowing the local activist community would scrutinize their actions? The UVA campus is a well-known hotbed of far-left activism and racial pandering. The University’s official website even promotes the Black Lives Matter movement and conspiratorial anti-White rhetoric.

All three fatalities were members of the football team.
Antifa and other militants march on UVA campus in 2018.

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