Winston “Boogie” Smith vowed to commit terrorist attacks on social media before deadly confrontation

BLM riots for a man who vowed to engage in violent attacks

Winston “Boogie” Smith was wanted by the Minneapolis police for a felony weapons violation. When they attempted to arrest him, he allegedly pulled a handgun and may have opened fire. The full details have not been released. He only know for sure that he was shot and killed by police. Law enforcement sources say a handgun and spent shell casings were retrieved from Smith’s vehicle. A female occupant was injured by broken glass.

BLM “activists” are now using him as a new excuse to riot.

Far from being a victim of the excesses of law enforcement, Smith publicly vowed on social media to carry out violent terrorist attacks to “get justice” and “take our shit back.” Smith also urges other activists to get more violent and to make Molotov cocktails by mixing gasoline with other substances like soap or glue.

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3 years ago

Sure glad that anti-social barbarian heathen filth is dead. No first-world society or country should tolerate 3rd-world chimp-out behaviors.