Portland Public School Administration building hit by suspected far-left terrorist attack

An attack was advertised in advance on Twitter

We previously reported that Antifa was publicly advertising and inciting terroristic criminal actions for March 6th. So much so that Portland’s District Attorney Mike Schmidt actually issued a warning where he alleged that he would prosecute the perpetrators.

Portland police arrested over 1,000 people for rioting in 2020, and Schmidt’s office dropped the charges or otherwise declined to prosecute in over 91% of cases. Mike Schmidt has even publicly bragged on Twitter about how many charges he has dropped against Antifa & BLM rioters.

Antifa apparently made good on their pledge to “destroy” and “create chaos.” The Portland Police Burea says that a perp or perps breached a fenced-off area around the Portland Public School Administration building. Windows of the building were smashed, and three vehicles were set on fire.

The Portland Fire Department responded to alarms and found two cargo vans and a box truck ablaze. The vehicles are used to provide students with lunches.

A BLM-style slogan of “FUND OUR SCHOOL NOT THE COPS, LOVE NOT HATE” was written in chalk at the scene of the attack.

Portland Public School Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero released a statement saying, “this was an attack on our city’s public school system. This act of violence will not deter us from our commitment to educating students, providing them meals, or any of the other work we are privilege to carry out every day in support of students and families.”

Smashed windows

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