Portland DA mocked after claiming he will prosecute Antifa criminals

Does anyone believe him?

Antifa accounts are openly calling for criminal actions on Twitter with total impunity.

Antifa is once again advertising and inciting pre-meditated criminal activity on Twitter. This is supposed to be “an autonomous day of action” to “destroy” and “cause chaos” for today, March 6th. The Antifa group Youth Liberation Front has been distributing an online flyer glorifying the arson of a brand new public housing project in Minneapolis. This was a nearly finished 198 unit apartment building that BLM rioters set on fire on June 26th, 2020. Twitter has not removed the flyer or taken any action against the account.

In 2020, Portland police made over 1,000 arrests for rioting. Under the leadership of “progressive” District Attorney Mike Schmidt, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has already refused to prosecute over 91% of the people charged. Much of the Portland rioters arrested by state or federal law enforcement have also seen their charges dropped.

On New Year’s Day, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler surprised everyone by denouncing Antifa by name. He vowed that Antifa criminals would finally face prosecution for their crimes. So far, there is no evidence that anything has changed.

On Friday, DA Mike Schmidt issued an official statement to allege that he will prosecute rioters for any violence occurring on March 6th. His statement has been greeted with ridicule, especially since he says he will “continue to prosecute.” Of the 1,000+ arrests in 2020, only a handful have been prosecuted for anything, and those people got minor wrist slaps for severe crimes.

Hannah Lilly was charged with major felonies for repeated attempts to set an eleven-story occupied building on fire. She got three weeks of community service, probation and was ordered to pay $46k for damages (which she will probably never pay). She will not have to serve any prison time.

This flyer is also being distributed on Twitter.

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