Multiple Portland neighborhoods are under siege by squatters, and police do nothing

"My lawn is now a public bathroom"

Vacant houses in Portland’s Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood have been overrun with squatters. The city refuses to remove them. Neighbors say they live in fear and have resorted to barricading doors and buying weapons.

But this is not isolated. Local media in Portland is now full of horror stories like this from across the city. Across the city in the Kenton neighborhood, a similar situation is playing out. Residents of a Kenton area apartment complex say they are under siege by vagrants who break into their complex. One family had all their possessions destroyed when squatters caused a flood in the unit above them.

Portland is effectively under a city-wide law enforcement stand-down because of the far-left policies of its city government. All three news segments below were published by KGW Channel 8 in just the past month!

Squatters invade and then occupy homes in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood as police do nothing:

Residents under siege by squatters in Kenton neighborhood as police do nothing:

Residents afraid to go to work in Old Town as police do nothing:

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