Ferguson group & Michael Brown’s father denounce BLM as a scam that leaves communities “holding the bag”

Claim BLM is "Faker Than A $3 Bill"

The leaders of BLM Inc.

BLM Inc.*, the non-profit that owns the Black Lives Matter website, recently boasted that they collected $90 million in donations in 2020.

The father of Michael Brown, Michael Brown Sr., and the Ferguson-based International Black Freedom Alliance [IBFA] are demanding 22% of the funds BLM raised in 2020. Tory Russell, the leader of IBFA, and Michael Brown Sr. made a video together attacking BLM for not sharing the $90 million with activists in Ferguson, Missouri.

Among other things, they are demanding money to pay themselves salaries to be full-time activists.

Michael Brown died while violently attacking a Ferguson police officer in 2014. He had committed strong-armed robbery earlier in the day, which was captured on a surveillance video. The media spent months whipping people into a frenzy until there was major rioting in the city. Tory Russell calls himself the leader of the “Ferguson Rebellion,” a euphemism for the violent riots that resulted in dozens of major injuries and millions in property damage.

On the IBFA website, Russell denounces BLM and urges activists to disassociate with the group completely. He says BLM Inc. takes credit for community activism they had nothing to do with and leaves the community holding the bag while they are “hobnobbing with Hollywood stars.”

“Everything And Everybody Associated With Blm Looks Faker Than A $3 Bill. Like A Rolex That Ticks, You Can Hear The Phony In Blm From A Mile Away. And I Ask, Do You Really Want To Willingly Be Associated With Them Knowing All This? Does That Little Name Mean More To You Than The Love Of The People?” – Tory Russell, leader of IBFA

BLM Inc. says that $21.7 million of the funds they raised in 2020 have been disbursed to local activist groups. However, transsexual activist groups were the primary beneficiaries.

*- The full name of BLM Inc is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Inc, though it is usually just called “Black Lives Matter.”

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