After mass shooting, Antifa disrupts police press conference, refuses to make witness statements

Seems like Antifa doesn't want the shooter or shooters prosecuted

Last evening, around 8:00 PM, there was a mass shooting in Portland at a “protest march” organized by Antifa.

One female was killed, three females and two males were injured. Police arrested two suspects at the scene. At least one of the injured males may also be a suspect. Tweets by Antifa members seem to insinuate that the deceased is an Antifa herself.

Portland police have now released a statement about the mass shooting. The shooting stems from a confrontation between an armed homeowner and multiple armed “protesters.” While many people witnessed the event, most refused to cooperate with the police.

The Portland Police Bureau [PPB] attempted to hold a press conference on the shooting, but Antifa members disrupted this. Lt. Nathan Sheppard, a public information officer, was then followed to his vehicle by Antifa, who screamed hysterically.

The PPB is pleading for witnesses to provide them with details. The identity of the female victim has still not been released.

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