Oregon Governor forgives unpaid traffic tickets for 7,000 people

This will help "people of color"

Oregon’s left-wing Governor Kate Brown has unilaterally ordered courts to forgive unpaid court fines and traffic tickets for roughly 7,000 people.

This is on top of Oregon’s new law, HB 4210, prohibiting the suspension of driver’s licenses for unpaid traffic-related civil citations. That bill was passed by the legislature and signed by Kate Brown in late June 2020. This took place at the height of nationwide BLM rioting. There were major efforts to decriminalize low-level traffic offenses across the nation. 

HB 4210 did not forgive any unpaid traffic citations. People who had their licenses suspended before October 1st, 2020, still needed to pay their fines to get their licenses reinstated. Brown’s administration calls these “legacy suspensions.”

For those who have still not bothered to pay their fines, now they don’t have to.

Media and left-wing organizations are praising Brown for coming to the aid of “people of color.” 

“Persistent racial discrimination in public and private life, as well as enduring racial disparity in economic opportunity, means people of color are more likely to be low income. This means that it is more widespread for people of color to have a driver’s license suspension due to the inability to pay a ticket. They are more likely to be trapped in a cycle of debt, punishment and restricted freedoms than wealthier and whiter people.” – Sandy Chung, Director of ACLU Oregon

After the BLM riots of 2020, traffic-related deaths surged across America. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a staggering 18.4% rise in traffic fatalities during the first six months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Primarily in big cities where local officials demanded that fewer Black people be stopped for violations. As we reported a few days ago, traffic fatality rates went up roughly a third in Cleveland.

In Oregon, there were an average of 475.6 traffic-related fatalities from 2015 to 2019. In 2020, this was up slightly at 508.

In 2021, traffic fatalities skyrocketed to 581. State officials blamed a surge in speeding. An offense that could no longer result in a license suspension for not paying the fine.

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1 year ago

The good people of Oregon always are left paying for lazy low life’s.
Its no wonder murder rate has exploded and traffic deaths are an everyday thing, got massively worse after she allowed all drugs free to use anywhere anytime.
result more people dead!