Scottish parliament passes radical “Gender Reform Bill”

Green party MP pledges an even more radical bill

The Scottish parliament voted 86 to 39 to pass the “Gender Reform Bill.” Anyone 16 or older can legally change their gender anytime and for any reason. They will no longer need a medical diagnosis of “gender dysphoria.” The process, which used to take two years, will now only take three months. For minors, it will take six months.

The Scottish parliament is extremely left-wing. The primary opposition came from feminists who opposed the bill due to the predatory nature of many male transsexuals. They said it degrades women’s rights.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon backed the bill. After it passed, she tweeted two pro-transsexual banners on Twitter.

Maggie Chapman, of the far-left Green party, which controls the government in a coalition with Sturgeon’s left-wing Scottish National Party, says the bill didn’t go nearly far enough. Chapman says she will introduce another even more radical bill to ‘fill the gaps.”


Feminist groups protested outside parliament

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