French woman gets $500 fine for lying about the race of alleged rapist

Claimed illegal alien from Africa was a White man

"Migrant" squatter camp in France

On December 4th, an unnamed French woman reported to Police in Quimper, Brittany/Bretagne, that she had been raped in the bathroom of a subway station the previous day.

She told police that the rapist was a White male wearing a mask. Forensic investigators found DNA in her panties that matched an illegal alien from Africa. On December 10th, the woman criticized the handling of her case to a local media outlet.

Prosecutors alleged that woman agreed to meet the African man through a cellphone app. She had consensual sex with him in the bathroom and told him to stop when he became violent. The man refused. The woman’s defense lawyer conceded that this was correct, stating, “this sexual act was violent, and Madame did not dare to explain what had happened. She was ashamed and made up this rape story. Subsequently, she was trapped by her own statements.”

On December 15th, she was arrested and charged with “dénonciation de faits imaginaires.” This roughly means she make a false accusation with imaginary facts. She agreed to the plea bargain the very next day.

The woman plead guilty to providing false details in exchange for a suspended three month sentence and a 500 Euro fine. This is equal to about 500 US dollars.

The unnamed illegal alien was subject to an OQTF order at the time. This is a French self-deportation court order that illegal aliens usually ignore. The man is now being held at Brest detention center.

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