Nahel’s father finally emerges … to try to get money

Admits he was never present in son's life

Mounia, the mother of Nahel M, has already filed two lawsuits. One against the police and one against a French Youtuber, Jean Messiha, who raised 1.6 million euros for the cop’s family. Messiha is filing a counter-suit for defamation.

A big question this entire time was, “Who is Nahel’s father, and where is he?” Mounia was paraded around the Paris metro area during the riots by adoring fans. She has also raised 400k euros online.

The father, identified as Hicham H., has finally made an appearance. He enlisted a Black lawyer named Serge Money to file his lawsuit. “I am a civil party for justice to be done for Nahel and to say that I am alive,” Hicham told an AFP reporter inside Money’s office.

Hicham openly admits that he had no relationship with his son stating, “I made choices in my life that meant that I could not attend his birth; I did not see his first steps, his first words.” He also admits to having served time in prison.

Hicham says the police have denied him an opportunity to get to know his son eventually. He claims he can’t sleep because of this.

Rapping lawyer Serge Money:


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