French Youtuber raises 1.3 million Euro for family of French cop

Mounia has only raised 200k so far

French YouTuber Jean Messiha created a GoFundMe account where the money will supposedly be delivered to the wife of Florian M. This is the cop who is now being held and charged with manslaughter for shooting Nahel M as he fought with police. Many in France believe the shooting was justified.

Initially, Messiha tried to start an account on a French copycat site, and they blocked it. Normally GoFundMe also deletes campaigns if the far-left complains about it. However, they have allowed it to remain up for four days now. There are almost 69k donors and nearly 1.4 million euros raised. The media is throwing a fit because Nahel’s mother, Mounia, has only raised 200k euros online.

Mounia is accused of encouraging the riots that have caused well over 100 million euros in damages.


Jean Messiha’s YouTube video below can be auto translated to English.

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