Mother of Nahel M treated like a hero

Her Tik Tok video launched nationwide riots

A 17-year-old Algeria immigrant called “Nahel M” died during a violent confrontation with French police on June 27th. Immediately after, his mother encouraged people to “revolt” on Tik Tok.

Rioters, primarily North Africans, began rioting and setting cars on fire that night in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. Since the first night, other immigrant groups, most notably sub-Saharan Africans, have joined in.

On June 28th, the rioting spread to other areas of the Paris metro area and other cities in Northern France. On June 29th major rioting occurred in the southern port city of Marseille. Rioting was also reported in Brussels in Belgium.

Rioting is now on its fourth day. The mother of Nahel M, known as Mounia, is being paraded around and treated like a celebrity.



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