New Philly Horror: Smiling children brutally beat a 73 year old pedestrian to death on camera

Attacked without provocation

James Lambert

The brutal murder of an elderly pedestrian was caught on a surveillance camera in Philadelphia, and the perps appear very young.

Police say that four Black males and three Black females savagely beat a 73-year-old pedestrian to death in Philadelphia. The perps appear to be around the ages of 12-14. The victim’s name is James Lambert.

Police believe the man was attacked without any provocation. The attack took place on June 24th, however police only released the video and information on the murder today. There is a $20k reward.

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A similar event took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey in April of 2021. Mehmood Ansari, 66, was attacked by Black children. A twelve year old Black male stabbed and killed him during the mob assault.

This happened just days ago in Philadelphia. Black teenagers were caught on video beating and carjacking a 62-year-old man.

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