Elderly Asian man dies after attack by preteen mob in Atlantic City

Will anything even happen to the perps?

Mehmood Ansari

Mehmood Ansari was a 66-year-old Pakistani immigrant who owned a souvenir shop near the boardwalk in Atlantic City. His shop has been the target of shoplifting recently. Thursday evening, a mob of Black preteens and teenagers stormed the store, stole items, and hurled objects at Ansari and his son. A twelve-year-old Black male threatened to stab Ansari with a knife.

Ansari stopped breathing and died shortly after police arrived. The twelve-year-old was arrested, along with a fourteen-year-old Black female. Their names are classified due to their age. Both suspects were charged with robbery, shoplifting, simple assault, and conspiracy. The twelve-year-old was also charged with making a terroristic threat and brandishing a knife. He has not been charged with causing Ansari’s death. Because of their ages, little if anything will happen to them.

Local business owners gathered Friday to mourn Ansari and protest against rising crime.

This website has been tracking major crimes by very young offenders.

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Sidi Munoz
3 years ago

Almost none have fathers in the home, most do pot and drop out of school as a result. No church in their lives, no morals, no father’s discipline. Then they kill the innocent. Then they burn things down. Then they steal others’ property. This has got to stop.