Thug “randomly” shoots at bicycle riders, one killed

Media gives victim the hush crime treatment

“Man kills teen.”

On January 7th, Gavin D. Beighley, 17, was murdered in Sharon, PA. He was shot in the back while riding his bicycle with friends.

Curtis Coleman III has confessed to firing six rounds at Beighley and his friends. Police are calling it wholly unprovoked. This town straddles the Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh media markets. Many large media outlets in this region declined even to report it. Of the ones who did, most did not post any pictures.

Pictures of the victim are easy to find online, and the police made the confessed killer’s mugshot freely available to the media. Two small stations of Youngstown, Channels 21 and 27, are the only “mainstream” media to post the confessed killer’s mugshot. However, they didn’t show any pictures of the victim that were freely available.

The only video segments we can find online are from the Pittsburgh CBS and ABC affiliates. Both show no pictures of the victim or the confessed killer.

Coleman is held on a $2 million bond. He has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and illegally carrying a firearm.

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1 year ago

So a black shot a white am I supposed to be surprised .

1 year ago

As long as no-one wants to discuss 13% of the population committing a majority of the violent crime, nothingwill change.

1 year ago

Welcome to the 21st Century where ethics integrity and morals have no meaning along with very very few journalists that report the actual news with complete details.

John Flowers
1 year ago

Oh so when the Rough Riders are harassing the streets with their 4 wheelers and dirt bikes it’s open season?