Violent crime at Philadelphia gas stations has more than tripled in three years

One gas station has deployed heavily armed guards

The situation in Philadelphia is so bad that an anti-drug non-profit in Mexico recently used video footage of Philadelphia for a national ad campaign in Mexico.

Philadelphia has become an international symbol of America’s decline into drug addiction and violent crime. Videos of Philadelphia’s broad daylight open-air drug markets are now a global sensation on social media.

The situation is so bad that the Pennsylvania state senate is about to begin an impeachment trial for the Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner. They accuse him of refusing to enforce the law.

In 2020, Pennsylvania set a new record for its highest homicide rate in recorded history (since at least 1960). In 2021, the state set another new record. The city of Philadelphia is heavily driving this increase. The city set a new record for its highest homicide rate ever in 2021, with 54.5% of all homicides in the entire state occurring in Philly. However, Philadelphia is not even the most dangerous place. The Philly suburb of Chester, which is 72% Black, is much more dangerous than Philadelphia.

The amount of violent crime at Philadelphia gas stations has tripled since 2019. The situation is so bad that a gas station on the north side felt the need to deploy men armed with combat-style rifles.

Pennsylvania Homicides:

2019: 703 (12,800k, 5.4 per 100k)
2020: 922 (12,780k, 7.2 per 100k) – 2nd highest in history
2021: 1,029 (12,960k, 7.9 per 100k) – highest rate in history

Note: FBI reports different figures than PA State Police for 2019 and 2020. They report a lot less in 2019 and a lot more in 2020. The homicide rate for 2020 was still a new state record at the time no matter which numbers you use.

Philadelphia, PA Homicides:

1990: 500 (1586k, 31.5 per 100k) former record
2019: 356 (1584k, 22.5 per 100k)
2020: 499 (1584k, 31.5 per 100k) tie with 1990
2021: 561 (1585k, 35.4 per 100k) new all time record

Note: Philadelphia’s population has remained virtually unchanged in thirty years!

Chester, PA Homicides:

2009: 14 (34k, 41.2 per 100k) lowest homicide rate in twenty years
2014: 30 (33k, 90.1 per 100k) Previous all time record.
2019: 18 (32.5k, 55.4 per 100k) Among the highest rates in the nation. Yet praised as a victory compared to previous years.
2020: 37 (32.5k, 113.8 per 100k) All time record. One of the highest murder rates in the Western hemisphere.
2021: 18 (32.5k, 55.4 per 100k) Praised as a giant victory in light of the 37 homicides in 2020.

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