Suspects, aged 14 & 16, charged with burning a man to death in Rochester, NY

If the races were reversed this would be the biggest news story in the USA

On March 12th, Steven Amenhause, a 53-year-old White male, was doused with an accelerate and set on fire. A mail carrier used his jacket to suppress the flames. Amenhause died of his injuries on March 16th.

Police have arrested and charged two Black male suspects, Zayvion Perry, 16, and Adriel Riley Jr, 14. They broke into Amenhause’s home and set him on fire while he sat in his living room chair. He suffered burns over 70% of his body.

Despite his young age, Riley was already facing charges for robbing a man at knifepoint. Riley and Perry were also caught in a stolen car last month. Just days before the gruesome murder of Amenhause, a new warrant for Riley’s arrest had been issued for another robbery.

Perry confessed to the crime in a written statement. However, both Perry and Riley are now pleading “not guilty.”

The suspects have been charged with second-degree murder. A judge ordered them to be held without bail. They will be treated with kid gloves because of their age. Both will be back on the streets by their mid-twenties.

The authorities have not released mugshots of the suspects because of their ages.

This website has been tracking murders by very young offenders.

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3 years ago

Yeah, I remember seeing this blanketing the national news. Elected officials are leading protests against anti-White hate crimes right now.