FBI: 56.6% of known homicide offenders in 2020 were Black

Do Black Crimes Matter?

This website has documented the exponential surge in homicides that coincided with the nationwide Black Lives Matter rioting of 2020.

The Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics has been slow in releasing data for 2020. The data is now out, but it includes less information and is now harder for the casual user to access online. Absent are the uniform reports that were issued between 1995 and 2019.

Note that in federal law enforcement crime data, the category of “Other” has been expanded into three categories. It is now “Asian,” “American Indian & Alaskan Native,” and “Hawaiian Native.” The category of “Asian” now includes all East Asians and Pacific Islanders except for ethnic Hawaiians.

However, there is still no category that only includes Whites of European descent. “White” includes European descended peoples, Latinos, North Africans, Middle Easterners, Gypsies, Turks, Iranians, Pakistani, Indians (from India), and more. The category “White” is a catch-all for all people not included in the categories Black, Asian, American Indian, or Hawaiian Native.

85.2% of American law enforcement agencies submitted data on homicides to the FBI. This is similar to previous years.

Among the law enforcement agencies reporting to the FBI:

There are 14,449 known homicide offenders:

56.6% are Black

40.6% are “White” (Includes Latinos/Middle Easterners/Central Asians/Etc.)

1.5% are “American Indian or Alaskan Native

1.1% are Asian

.3% are Native Hawaiian

There are 10,002 known homicide offenders who are categorized as “Hispanic” or “non-Hispanic:”

20.0% are Hispanic

80.0% are non-Hispanic

The percentage of known homicide offenders, who are Black, has been increasing each year:

For 2020, Blacks were 56.6%
For 2019, Blacks were 55.9%
For 2018, Blacks were 54.8%
For 2017, Blacks were 54.2%
For 2016, Blacks were 53.5%
For 2015, Blacks were 53.3%
For 2014, Blacks were 53.0%

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