Jen Psaki accused of pretending to cry over Florida’s new anti-grooming law

Is she just an actor?

While Jen Psaki discussed Florida’s new anti-grooming law, she stated that she was about to get emotional. Then, she sounds like she is crying. However, she immediately turns it off and speaks in a completely normal voice seconds later. Then says, “ok, I’m not going to cry again.”

Critics of Psaki claim she is little more than a disingenuous paid actor. They see MSNBC’s hiring of Jen Psaki as further proof of this.

Related: National-Conservative previously dug up footage of Jen Psaki boasting about bringing a pink ushanka hat, adorned with the emblem of the Soviet Union, with her to the White House. The hat was given to her as a gift by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Major media outlets had claimed this story was a hoax, but we proved them wrong.

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