Video clip of Jen Psaki saying she is taking her Hammer & Sickle adorned ushanka to the White House

"my pink hat ... it’s coming with me to the White House."

Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has a history of wearing a Soviet Hammer & Sickle emblem while working for the Obama administration.

On January 13th, 2014, Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov gave Jen Psaki a pink ushanka-hat. Jenn Psaki was Spokesperson for the US Department of State at the time. John Kerry, who was US Secretary of State, had just finished negotiations with Lavrov for Bashir al-Assad to voluntarily give up chemical weapons munitions in Syria.

Psaki posed for multiple pictures with Kerry and Lavrov, in which she is wearing the hat. It is adorned with a Soviet Red Star/Hammer & Sickle emblem.

Psaki was promoted by Obama to White House Communications Director in 2015. On March 25th, 2015, during her final press conference for the US State Department, a journalist told her “you are controversially popular in Russia.” Then, after a brief discussion about working on Russian and Ukrainian issues, she is asked about her “pink ushanka.” She responds with a big smile, “I have my pink hat at home, it’s coming with me to the White House.”

Left-leaning media outlet USAToday confirmed all the pictures are real, but falsely claimed the photos were to “fuzzy” to tell if the pin is really a Soviet Hammer & Sickle. They also claimed it was something she wore once under special circumstances. However, Psaki’s own words dispute this.

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