Man arrested for killing father and infant son is a career criminal who was pampered by the justice system

Two other victims were injured

Ray Rijos

On December 30th, four people were shot in Kirksville, MO. Braxton Cottrill and his one-year-old son Parker Cottrill died while Alissa Anders, 18, and Randall Yarrington, 21, were wounded.

US Marshalls arrested Anquan Glover, 22, in a Belton, MO hotel after an eleven-day manhunt. Glover’s alleged accomplice, Ray Rijos, 52, was arrested several days earlier.

Glover is a career criminal who was coddled and babied by the system. He has a juvenile record that is classified. After turning 18, he was arrested many times and charged with several felonies.

In 2017, Glover opened fire on a car with three occupants at a gas station. He said he was trying to get revenge against someone who “snitched” on him. Police found 16 shell casings.

Between 2019 and 2021, he was given three different prison sentences from three separate cases. He was supposed to serve a total of ten years.

He did very little actual prison time. In the justice system that was not pampering violent predators, Braxton Cottrill and his infant son would still be alive today.

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