Five Black perps arrested for brutal, unprovoked, racially motivated mob attack on woman in Boston

They objected to her hairstyle

Update: The police report shows there were actually three victims during an extended rampage. Two are White females. The other is only listed as an 81 year old male.

Boston police have disclosed that a large racially motivated mob attack took place Monday evening.

A young woman was assaulted by ten to fifteen female predators. They called her “White bitch with braids,” while punching, kicking, stomping, spitting, and ripping chunks of her hair out.

Police received a 911 call about the attacks. When they arrived, they found a twenty-year-old injured female victim. Police released a highly edited version of a video taken by a witness.

The victim, who says she identifies as “Hispanic,” said the thugs objected to her hairstyle as she was crossing the street. They attacked her as she tried to walk away.

Many of the perps were still in the area. When police approached, a male thug spat on an officer and was arrested. Another female perp punched an officer and then climbed on the police cruiser. A female cop was kicked in the shins repeatedly by another perp.

Eventually, five “juveniles” were arrested. One of them is only 12 years old. The victim was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.

The identities of the thugs are classified because of their age. Police say the case has been referred to the civil rights division to be investigated as a racially motivated crime.

Anti-White extremists often declare that certain hairstyles should be off-limits to White people. Some corporate media outlets, such as MTV, VICE, MSNBC, and others, have even promoted this extremism calling it “cultural appropriation” for Whites not to abide by these demands.

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