Austin’s daily newspaper says accurate reporting would perpetuate harmful stereotypes

Accurate reporting perpetuates stereotypes

Victim Doug Kantor

Update: Doug Kantor, a 25-year-old White male, died.

After a backlash over refusing to publish the description of a dangerous, at large, mass shooter, the Austin American-Statesman added this note to their article.

Editor’s note: Police have only released a vague description of the suspected shooter as of Saturday morning. The Austin American-Statesman is not including the description as it is too vague at this time to be useful in identifying the shooter and such publication could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes. If more detailed information is released, we will update our reporting.

This is concerning a mass shooter who injured 14 people in Austin’s entertainment district.

The actual description that police gave was “a skinny Black male, in a black shirt, with dreadlocks.” Fewer than 1% of the population of Austin is skinny Black males with dreadlocks. Maybe less than one-tenth of one percent. So this was not even a “vague” description.

A majority of all mass shooters, in 2021, have been Black. The newspaper places political correctness far ahead of public safety.

Now, a suspect has been arrested, but his identity is classified because he is a “juvenile.” So far, none of the victims have died.

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