How did a chronic failure like Fauci keep his job as Director of NAIDS for 37 years?

The federal government is broken

A rant from the Renaissance Horizon Youtube Channel

Fauci is a shining example of the failure of the US federal government. Anthony Fauci first became famous as an advocate for people with AIDS in the early 80s. This is back when it was still called GRIDS, Gay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and “The Gay Cancer.” Fauci made wild fearmongering predictions about how many GRIDS would kill. He even claimed that it could spread from prolonged non-sexual contact long after the general scientific community concluded otherwise. Fauci’s wild predictions and claims never came true.

Yet the administration of Ronald Reagan, deified by many American conservatives and libertarians, appointed him national director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [NAID]. When Bill Clinton assumed office, he retained this hack rather than appoint someone better. Then George W. Bush did the same. Then Barack Obama. Donald Trump railed against the fact that presidents fill the federal government with incompetent political hacks. He pledged to get better people. However, just as Obama brought back all the horrible failed hacks from the Clinton years. Trump brought back a lot of really awful people from the Bush administration. Trumps’ administration also kept Fauci. They couldn’t be bothered to hire someone better.

In 2020, we saw unbelievable shenanigans from Fauci. In March of 2020, he went on national television and proclaimed that 1 in 100 people who catch SARS2 (AKA Covid-19) would die. While speaking to academic peers at the New England Journal of Medicines, the next day, he said the death rate was unknown but stated that a realistic death rate would be 1 in 1,000. Then the very next back, he was back on national television proclaiming 1 in 100 would die.

He also went on national television twice and said masks would make you more likely to get sick and provide no benefit in preventing the spread of SARS2. We also know that Fauci privately advised Barack Obama that masks were useless in e-mails. Yet, within weeks Fauci was back on national television demanding that you wear a mask. Even though he was repeatedly photographed in public without a mask. Eventually, Fauci upped the ante even more. Soon, Fauci even stated, on national television, that people should wear two masks and goggles to protect themselves fully.

The media fell in love with Fauci, using him as a tool to attack Trump. Trump and Fauci would often say almost the exact same thing, yet the media would split hairs and manufacture some alleged difference in what Trump and Fauci were saying. Fauci was like a ticking time bomb. Massively incompetent. Yet sitting in a position that congress continuously gave more and more power to over the years.

During the Obama years, Fauci funneled US taxpayer dollars to a sketchy lab in Wuhan, China, to conduct highly controversial “gain of function” research on SARS-family coronaviruses. Fauci’s middle man, Peter Daszak, held a press conference on this research in 2016. He said the Wuhan lab was gene splicing SARS-family coronavirus to determine which strains could be “potential killers.” In early 2020, Fauci was advised that SARS2 shows very significant circumstantial evidence of gene splicing. He was also told that the Wuhan lab was geographically at the center of where the virus first spread. According to the former director of the FDA, Fauci even advised foreign leaders that the virus was a probable lab leak.

Yet Fauci lied to the public about this for over one year. It is only because Fauci was too stupid not to put highly self-incriminating information in e-mails that we know the extent of his deception today.

Now we see politicians grandstanding about how “Fauci should be fired.” Ok, big deal. An 80-year-old man, who probably made tens of millions in speaking fees last year, gets fired. Whoopi doo. This should be an indictment of the entire US federal government and how incompetent and hopelessly broken it is.

Recently Fauci went on national television and proclaimed that those who criticize him are just “attacking science.”

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