12 shot, 2 dead at hip hop nightclub in Cedar Rapids

Timothy Rush, 32, has been arrested for a mass shooting at the Taboo Nightclub and Lounge in Cedar Rapids. At about 1:30 AM Sunday, at least twelve shots were fired inside the club. Two people were killed and another ten injured. 

Police believe that one specific person was being targeted. Rush is already a convicted felon. He was charged with second-degree murder, willful injury causing serious injury, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, reckless use of a firearm causing serious injury, and possession of a firearm as a felon. The fatalities are Michael Valentine and Nicole Owens.

Mass shootings in the United States (4 or more victims in one event) now occur daily in the USA. Bars and nightclubs that play rap or hip hop music are becoming a common scene of these shootings. Ironically, the local Black Lives Matter organization in Cedar Rapids, called ASJ-BLM, has held at least one event in this very nightclub.

Homicides in Cedar Rapids set a new record in 2020 as Black Lives Matter riots took place. One victim in 2020 was the eighteen year old niece of Cedar Rapids NAACP president Dedric Doolin. The suspect in that murder was a Black male. Across the state, two people were killed, and two others were shot during Iowa’s BLM riots.

Click here to see our full report on homicides in Cedar Rapids.

Homicides in Cedar Rapids:

2018: 3 (six year low)
2019: 7
2020: 12 (all time high)
2021: 8
2022: At least five so far!

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