Celebrated Milwaukee BLM leader convicted of felony first degree robbery in Kentucky

Black Crimes Matter

Khalil Coleman, 36, a Black Lives Matter [BLM] leader in Milwaukee, has been convicted of felony first-degree robbery in Kentucky. He faces up to twenty years.

According to Elsmere Police Chief Joe Maier, Coleman and two accomplices tried to rob a “drug house” at gunpoint in February 2021. The robbery failed, and the trio fled. However, they got stuck behind a slow-moving snow plow and were boxed in by police.

Coleman played the role of the getaway driver, while a 17 was used to hold the gun. The jury acquitted Coleman of an additional charge of unlawful transaction with a minor.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel openly celebrated Coleman in 2020. The newspaper published over a dozen articles in which he was praised.

Below is one of the multiple videos from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel promoting Coleman.

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