BLM arsonists set fires outside Rock Hill, SC police department and then try to block firefighters

BLM riots after two men are arrested for allegedly selling drugs

Black Lives Matter activists engaged in a spontaneous riot Wednesday after police arrested two Black males, Ricky Roderick Price and Travis Price, allegedly for selling drugs. During the arrest, one of the suspects violently resisted arrest. Activists latched onto a video of the arrest and promoted it on social media.

Rock Hill police say the men were arrested as part of a coordinated effort to get “violent and narcotic dealing offenders” off the streets. Local media appears to be completely censoring the arson attack.

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3 years ago

Arsonists (like looters) should be shot on sight.

2 years ago

This has been predictable from Ferguson on….It’s come to the point that anytime blacks don’t like something they riot. Thanks joos.
In 20 years this country will be large favelas with rich jews living in isolated communities with their own police preventing the common folk entry.
#wrong side of WW2