“Black Lives Matter” movement stages violent riot in Liège, Belgium

Riot appears to have been premeditated

A Black Lives Matter [BLM] “protest” in Liège, Belgium, appears to have been a premeditated riot. A few hundred African immigrants and white Antifa blocked streets, smashed windows, assaulted people, and threw rocks and bricks at police cars. The violent mob ransacked a Burger King and attempted to storm a shopping mall. Riot police rushed through the mall from the opposite side to push the mob back out into the street.

Some left-leaning media outlets are reporting that it was a “peaceful protest that was highjacked.” This claim does not seem to hold any merit. No one even brought any protest signs.

Liège is one of the largest cities in Wallonia, the French-speaking southern half of Belgium. The riot took place in the city center.

The alleged justification for the riot is a video of a Congolese woman, named Tania, being arrested after allegedly biting a police officer. The woman claimed she was chocked and beaten, though the actual video does not support these claims.

There are at least two conflicting versions of the story being spread on social media. Far-left social media accounts are claiming she was running towards a public bus and startled police officers. The more believable version of the story is police were investigating another woman and Tania took it upon herself to interfere. Then when the police told her to stand back, she attacked them.

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