Seattle News Tribune blames “White nationalism” & Trump for brutal Black on Asian hate crime attack

The Seattle New Tribune is #VeryFakeNews

A Japanese woman was savagely attacked in Seattle’s Chinatown. The perpetrator assaulted her using a sock with a heavy object in it. The victim, Noriko Nasu, suffered fractures to her face and teeth. The attack was unprovoked.

The Seattle News Tribune published a “news” article by alleged “journalist” Brooke Walford. The fact that the victim is Asian is mentioned in the headline. Then the word “Asian” is mentioned a staggering thirteen more times in the article. The word Japanese is used once. The phrase “hate crime/s” is repeated eight times in the article. The phrase “racially motivated” is used three times. It also explains that the police department’s “bias crimes unit” is investigating.

There are 15 total references to the race/ethnicity of the victim.

There are 12 total references to the attack being a racially/bias/hate crime.

There are zero references to the race of the attacker.

The race of the attacker is completely censored in the article. The article goes on to blame “White nationalism” and Donald Trump.

The actual suspect is a black male, something that Brooke Walford and the News Tribune deliberately hide. Instead, weaving a wildly conspiratorial false narrative to demonize White people and supporters of the former president.

Walford did not write this article in good faith. She utilizes the classic “lie by omission” to lead the reading to assume something completely different than what took place. She wants the reader to assume a White Trump supporter committed the violence. She wrote this to advance a radical political agenda. She did not write this article to report the news. 

The Seattle News Tribune is not publishing news. They are publishing wildly disingenuous agitation propaganda.

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