Puerto Rican mother, who was publicly lynched by a mob in Chicago, dies of her injuries

The media officially blames "road rage"

How many vicious hate crime murders has the media written off as “road rage” when the race of the perpetrators does not fit their narrative?

Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez have now both died of their injuries. They leave behind a small child. They were attended Chicago’s 43rd Puerto Rico Day Parade. Afterward, a mob of Black males pulled them from their car, beat them, and shot them execution-style in the street. It all happened near Humbodlt Park, where the parade ended.

The media is calling the horrific mob lynching an incident of “road rage.” They claim that the couple was involved in a car accident, but the media can provide no details whatsoever of this accident. Why would a car accident trigger a public lynching involving over a half dozen perpetrators with another half dozen people cheering them on?

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