94 year old Asian woman stabbed in hate crime attack in San Francisco

Media continuous search for mythological White on Asian hate crimes

A 94-year-old Asian woman was attacked at random and repeatedly stabbed in San Francisco. Police have arrested Daniel Cauich, a 34-year-old Latino male. His surname is of Mayan origin. The victim, Anh Taylor, lived in China and Vietnam before moving to the USA.

New York City, San Francisco, and the Pacific Northwest have become flashpoints for random hate crime attacks on Asians. Most of the suspects have been Black; however, several Latinos have also been charged with committing random physical attacks on Asians in New York City. The NYPD has identified over forty violent hate crime-style attacks on Asians in the past several months. Only one of the suspects is White, despite the media’s false narrative of White on Asian crime.

NBC National News is now doubling down on its false narrative. They published a new article claiming it is a hoax that most suspects in attacks on Asians are Black. NBC National News cites activist “researcher” Janelle Wong, a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Wong says that anecdotal accounts of White on Asian microaggressions are on par with violent physical attacks by non-White perpetrators. She says that if we combine all the actual physical violence with alleged anecdotal microaggressions, then White people make up “three-quarters of offenders of anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents.”

Much of what Wong describes as a White on Asian “incidents” are nothing more than anonymous claims that a White person was allegedly rude to them or gave them a perceived dirty look at the grocery store. These claims, used by Wong, were submitted anonymously to the Stop AAIP Hate project, which is operated by the openly left-wing non-profit A3PCON. The entire project was modeled after a previous project conducted by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC].

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