Portland’s entire 50 member Police “Rapid Response” Team resigns over fears of politically motivated persecution by DA

DA Mike Schmidt has indicted a cop for doing his job

Photo from PPB

Last night the Portland Police Bureau [PPB] Rapid Response team voted anonymously to mass resign from their voluntary membership in the fifty-person unit. This was done as a response to Multnomah County District Attorney [MCDA] Mike Schmidt indicating a team member for assault. This is a massive victory for far-left activists and Antifa rioters.

For a year and a half, Schmidt has openly refused to prosecute BLM and Antifa rioters. The DA’s office has dropped the charges or otherwise declined to prosecute over 91% of the charges police have filed against rioters. Schmidt has even bragged on Twitter about the hundreds of charges he has dropped. Only the most extreme cases have been prosecuted, and even then, the perps get sweetheart plea deals. Such as Hannah Lilly, who got three weeks of community service and a fine for trying to burn down an occupied 12 story building.

The Rapid Response Team was tasked with stopping the near-daily rioting in Portland. However, now Schmidt has indicted a member of the team for using his baton against a rioter.

Mike Schmidt is part of an extreme far-left movement of “progressive prosecutors.” This movement proclaims that it is the job of the prosecutors to reform the system from within by holding fewer criminals in custody. In other words, reduce the number of people in jails and prisons by simply not sending people to jail or prison when they commit a crime. Predatory currency speculator George Soros has spent millions of dollars now to fund the campaigns of these activist prosecutors.

Knowing full well that the DA will side with violent far-left rioters over the police, no cops are willing to serve in the rapid response team anymore. It is not worth having their life ruined by the “progressive” District Attorney. We have already seen videos of Portland cops standing around watching Antifa commit crimes. Recently, when Antifa rioted in a residential neighborhood, police told 911 callers that they would not intervene.

The Portland Police Union recently abandoned their own office because BLM & Antifa rioters kept attacking it. As a result of all this, Portland is shattering all murder and gun violence records in the city! In 2020, the city tied 1993 for the most murderous year in city history. Currently, 2021 is set to break this record by a huge margin.

Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis answers questions from the public concerning the mass resignation:

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