Bay Area ABC station responds to wave of organized looting with cringe report on how it is not really looting

Channel 7 ABC is left-wing activist media

The organized, pre-planning looting of stores has been going on for months in the Bay Area. Dozens of these crimes have been caught on video, and the perps are always young Black males and or females.

The most recent incident involved over fifty perpetrators. They used their cars to block the street in front of a Bay Area Nordstrom. Then they rampaged through the store before returning to their vehicles with armfuls of loot.

Because the suspects are Black, we see efforts by left-wing activists and even some so-called “mainstream media” to downplay the crimes and censor the race of the perpetrators.

Here were see the San Francisco ABC affiliate, Channel 7, aggressively downplaying the crimes. Notice that the station has an employee whose title is “Race and Social Justice Report.” In other words, the station is engaged in left-wing activism and falsely calling it “news.” They used the headline “Experts caution use of ‘looting’ in describing rash of Bay Area smash and grabs.” The people they call “experts” are Black racial grievance activists pursuing political and racial agendas. A big part of their agenda is to downplay or excuse Black crime suspects.

Alleged “expert,” Lorenzo Boyd denounces the word “looting” as explicitly being associated with the Black race. However, he completely ignores that the actual suspects in these crimes are Black. Boyd then falsely claims that White people who loot are never referred to as “looters.”

At one point, Channel 7 states, “To be clear, we don’t know the identities or the race of the majority of the thieves.” Their own montage of video clips shows only Black perpetrators. Not to mention the fact that local media outlets, like this ABC affiliate, generally obtain police reports of the crimes they cover. These police reports state the race of the suspects.

This station is engaged in political and racial activism, and they are willing to tell blatant falsehoods to advance that agenda.

Watch the Channel 7 video clip here:

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