Organized mobs loot a luxury handbag store in the Bay Area for the FOURTH time in seven weeks

The prosecutors protect the shoplifters

On June 5th, a group of ten Black male and female suspects ran through the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus, grabbing approximately $50k worth of high-dollar handbags. Witnesses say that getaway cars were waiting for them outside.

A similarly organized mob of looters hit the same Neiman Marcus on May 19th. The Palo Alto RealReal was hit on June 21st, and the Louis Vuitton was hit by a mob on June 7th.

Each time, the mob got away with an estimated $50k-100K in luxury handbags. Each time the suspects were Black, primarily males, even though the city and the surrounding county are only about 2.5% Black.

The San Francisco Bay area is facing a retail store collapse as shoplifting devastates businesses.

The state of California “decriminalized” shoplifting, making most shoplifting a minor crime. However, the situation is even worse in San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties. Both counties have elected far-left “progressive prosecutors” who believe they are “reforming” the system by prosecuting fewer people for crimes, regardless of how much crime is committed.

San Francisco has elected Chesa Boudin, one of the most notorious far-left DAs in the nation. Santa Clara has Jeff Rosen. Palo Alto, which is home to many high-end luxury stores, is in Santa Clara County.

Many retail chains have shut down locations in San Francisco or reduced the hours at stores.

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