San Francisco says urban toll booths needed to make transportation racially fair, pay up Whites and Asians!

New taxes to pay for the shiny artistic trash cans

Someone has to pay for San Francisco’s $12k-$20k new trash cans!

The city of San Francisco wants to implement urban toll booths that would charge people to enter downtown. This would include the Financial District, South of Market, Chinatown, Tenderloin, and may or may not also include Mission Bay and North of Broadway.

They are calling it a “congestion tax.” The toll would be based on your income, with those making over $100k per year hit with $6.50 per day. So, if you work in downtown San Fransisco five days per week, you are looking at $1,690 in new “congestion taxes.”

San Francisco and New York City appear to be in a race to become the first city in America with a so-called congestion tax.

San Francisco already has a flat rate city income tax of 1.5% to pay for its runaway spending. This kind of tax does not even exist in most of the USA. California also has one of the highest state income taxes in the nation. The city of San Francisco is ranked among the most expensive places to live in the country.

So how is San Francisco going to get the public to accept this new tax? Simple. The city government played the race card! If you oppose urban toll booths, you are a racist.

From San Francisco City Government:

Notice that they say “low-income communities of color,” and not just “communities of color.” San Fransisco is full of wealthy Asians. The median income for both Whites and Asians in San Francico exceeds $100k. 

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