Genocidal rhetoric against South Africa’s Indian community grows

This is going to end badly

From Renaissance Horizon

The African Transformation Party [ATP], a small political party based around the South African Council of Messianic Churches of Christ [SACMCC] is now among those fueling genocidal rhetoric against the Indian community in Phoenix. This is the original Indian community founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

The South African President has said that vigilantes killed “several people” in the Indian suburb during the Zulu riots. He has pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice. Many South African media outlets are reporting that “around 20 people were killed.” Some are reporting the number as 35. However, no one in the media has any sources. No one actually knows how many people died in Phoenix.

The current official death toll for the Zulu riots is 337. Authorities in the town of Umzimkhulu say fifty looters burned to death in a warehouse and no one even seems to care. All attention is now focused on Phoenix.

I can only find three people identified as alleged victims of Indian vigilantes.

There are two brothers Dalani Khumalo and Mlondi Khumalo, one of whom is supposed to be a successful dance choreographer, who died in Phoenix. Their family alleges that they were driving around Phoenix looking for a gas station that still had fuel. The funeral for the two brothers was turned into a large outdoor political rally. Then there is Sadile Yanga Caluza, an 18-year old whose family alleges that he was walking home from playing soccer when Indian vigilantes killed him.

Other people have been interviewed, who claim they were in Phoenix for lawful reasons, and allege that Indians torched their vehicles. However, these people are still alive. Seven Indians living in Phoenix have been arrested and charged with crimes. The media is calling them “suspected killers.” However, some of the seven people are only charged with burning the cars of suspected looters.

Now, ATP has positioned itself at the forefront of fanning the flames. They are speculating, with no evidence whatsoever, that Indians murdered over 300 Blacks. Many of them in gruesome ways. Among other things, they suggest that Black people were burned alive inside their cars, though no evidence of this has been found whatsoever. ATP has two elected members of the South African Parliament. They published an open letter that used the official stationery of the parliament.

ATP is led by MP Vuyolwethu Zungula, who is from the Western Cape region. He claims to represent millions of followers of supporters of SACMCC.

Men like Julius Malema, Andile Mngxitama, Vuyolwethu Zungula, and even Black militant leaders in the United States, are pushing wild conspiracies about mass murder. They claim that the South African president is beholden to the Indian community and is covering everything up for them. Pictures of alleged dead bodies in Phoenix are being displayed on digital billboards in South Africa. The narrative is that Indians hunted for and murdered hundreds of innocent Black people and the federal government is covering it up because “South Africa is a captured state.” Militants say the alleged massacre and alleged cover-up is proof that Whites and Asians run South Africa, and the Black majority is still living under the heel of White and Asian “monopoly capital.”

Twitter appears to have taken no interest in stemming incitements of violence from users in South Africa. The president of South Africa even cited Twitter as a major problem for the country because of the rampant and continuous incitement of violence on the platform.

The rhetoric has gotten so out of hand that it is being claimed Black government workers are refusing to enter Phoenix. Activists in the Indian community say Phoenix is innocent and that their community is being demonized as a part of a proxy war between two different factions in government.

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