Principal suspended for not falsely describing communist uniform as a “Nazi” uniform

Activists and media are desperate for some kind of White racism

When you are desperate to find a Nazi, anything can be a “Nazi.”

There seems to be a desperate ongoing campaign in Chicago to manufacture White racism that does not exist.

Principal Joseph Powers of Chicago’s Jones College Prep has been suspended indefinitely for correctly identifying a student’s Halloween costume as a communist East German National Liberation Army uniform.

An unnamed student wore an entire East German military uniform, purchased from an army surplus store, for his school’s Halloween contest. Some students allegedly complained that it was a “Nazi” uniform. The principal correctly identified the uniform at the time.

Later, an unnamed “Jewish and queer” student alleged that he was so distraught he had to take “a mental health day off.”

Powers repeatedly groveled for left-wing activists. Eventually, he denounced the custom as an act of “anti-Semitism, intolerance, and bigotry.” It was not enough. The Chicago Public School system suspended him on November 4th.

Then, on November 7th, the Black Student Union, the Jewish Student Connection, the Association of Latin American Students, and the Asian American Club held a “sit-in” to disrupt the school and celebrate the removal of the principal.

Numerous media outlets, including the “conservative” New York Post, falsely claimed it was a Nazi costume. The New York Post also repeatedly falsely claimed that a video showed the student doing a “Nazi salute.” The student salutes from his brow, the same way the US military does.

Media outlets also falsely claimed that the clip, which shows the student doing accurate East German military movements, was meant as a provocation. The video shows the student performing for the judges on a stage at a Halloween costume party. It was not some random provocation.

The entire event has been wildly misrepresented, on purpose, by desperate media who can’t find any actual cases of White racism. The student himself might not even be White. He looks like he is probably Asian or Latino. His identity is classified, and his face is blurred in pictures. Interestingly, the activist groups never actually describe the student as “White.”

 Jones College Prep is only 38% White.

November 7th, “sit-in” at the school.

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