WA man repeatedly called 911 on himself to manufacture racism claims against the police

Claimed he was harassed for being black after calling the police on himself

An Arlington, Washington man has been arrested for making fake 911 calls. Police say Tamon Leverette repeatedly called 911 on himself so he could manufacture claims of “racism” against the police.

He was already on supervised release for other crimes and had to wear a GPS ankle bracelet. Public records show he was arrested for second-degree assault, a class B felony, on February 18th, 2020. He faced up to ten years and a $20k fine. It appears he was given supervised probation as part of an effort to reduce the number of people in custody.

In the most recent incident, he called 911 on February 2nd and tried to disguise his voice as a woman. He claimed his name was Stacey Williams. He told the dispatcher that “a colored young man” had a gun at the bus stop and described his own clothes.

After being stopped by the police, he complained to his probation officer that he was stopped by police and frisked “for being black.” We went on to claim that he thought he was going to be “the next George Floyd.”

It turns out he has done this before. He called 911 five times with the same number last December. In one of the calls, he tries to sound like a white guy with a country accent. He tells the dispatcher his name is “Eric Johnson” and said, “there is a young African American male teenager” with a gun. He described his own clothes.

Arlington Police Chief Jonathan Ventura said, “these types of calls only serve to create division at a time when we need unity. This call highlights the training and professionalism of our officers despite the apparent attempt to goad law enforcement into some type of negative response or altercation.” Leverette was arrested for two counts of false reporting

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