Media reports violent hate crime against elderly Arab man, but censors race of the perpetrator

Manufacturing the illusion of White hate criminals

Nicholas Andre Kimmons was arrested in El Cerrito, California, for attacking a 69-year-old Arab man. Kimmons asked the victim for a cigarette and then allegedly beat him unconscious. The victim was hospitalized, and the suspect was quickly arrested.

Local media outlets are calling it a “hate crime,” but censoring the race of the perpetrator. This is a deceptive and highly unethical new media tactic that we see with increased frequency. The national media is pushing a false narrative that “hate crimes” primarily have White perpetrators and non-White victims.

Historically the media has aggressively hyped interracial crimes with White perpetrators while downplaying, ignoring, or even wholly censoring interracial crimes with White victims. However, interracial crimes with White perpetrators are so rare that it is hard for the media to make their narrative look real even with this deception. So they are just manufacturing the illusion of their existence.

If we look at the article published by KPIX5, the San Fransisco CBS affiliate, it is blatantly apparent that the reader is meant to assume that the perpetrator was White. Public records show that the suspect is a Black man.

Hundreds of media outlets, such as KPIX5 are engaged in blatant systemic racial bias, in which the race of a suspect is stated only when they are a White person. The race of non-White suspects is intentionally censored. This is all part of an agenda to shape a false reality that fits the political agenda of the media elites.



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