A conservative critique of capitalism

Lauren Southern on how capitalism is can also be a tool of the far-left

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3 years ago

Hi Lauren, been a while since I watched any of your videos but I find this one intriguing and made me think even though I still think capitalism is better than the alternatives.
Firstly, I don’t disagree that capitalism facilitates things like onlyfans and pornhub, which are manifestations of moral degeneracy and societal decay. However, I think we need to look beyond capitalism and assign blame more appropriately.
Capitalism, though not explicitly developed as an ideology by Adam Smith, did develop at a time when Christian mores dominated society.
Is it possible that the problem isn’t capitalism, but rather values and virtue ethics that have disappeared that constrained capitalism from indulging in vices like the examples I gave? Perhaps a strengthening of these institutions would prevent people from engaging in onlyfans or porn and deplete the market of users. Furthermore, if it became undesireable to be a porn star or ethot, then the people doing it or facilitating it might stop.
To summarize: the problem IMO is not capitalism per se, but a weakening of the moral superstructure that constrained it from allowing moral vices to flourish.