Good Samaritan loses eye from vicious racially motivated hate crime

The victim will be awarded the keys to the city

Bianca Palomera, 19, was working at Habit Burger Grill in Antioch, California on November 12th. The Contra Costa County Prosecutor’s office says she was viciously attacked by Isaac White-Carter, 20.

Carter initially targeted a disabled Latino boy, who he menaced with racial abuse and slurs. The boy was the younger brother of another employee. Palomera intervened on the boy’s behalf and was bashed in the face.

As a result of her injuries, she has lost an eye.

Yesterday, Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorp announced that the US Marshals Service had apprehended the perpetrator.

Mayor Thorp says he will present Palomera with the keys to the city during a special meeting on December 13th. He vowed to make sure that White-Carter is prosecuted for severe crimes.
White-Carter has been charged with felon counts of mayhem and aggravated assault causing great bodily injury. Prosecutors say they are still considering hate crime charges.

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